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D8 + D9 + D10 Extreme Blend Gummies


  • 75mg of Delta 8
  • 15mg of Delta 9
  • 35mg of Delta 10
  • Cruelty-free | No animal gelatin
  • No artificial colors or flavors
Our Extreme Triple Blend Gummies are our most powerful gummies and not recommended for new users! They contain a combination of premium, natural, and federally legal cannabinoids. With 30 of these delicious gummies, you’ll be able to experience the powerful combination of delta 8, delta 9, and delta 10 in 1 bite.
Each gummy contains:
75mg of Delta 8: Delta 8 is our most relaxing cannabinoid so far. It gives you the benefits you want, from a calm, relaxed state of mind to a peaceful body. At 75mg, this cannabinoid is extremely powerful yet balanced.
15mg of Delta 9: Delta 9, perhaps the most famous cannabinoid in the world, gives this blend an explosive euphoric feel and makes you think happy things. The best dose for a relaxed state that won’t knock you out is 15mg of delta 9.
35mg of Delta 10: To top it all off, 35mg of Delta 10 gives you energy, so you won’t fall asleep during the dose. Delta 10 keeps you awake and busy so you can enjoy this well-balanced high. It makes you feel alive, energized, and ready to go.

These are our most powerful gummies!  We recommend to chew half a gummy first to see how your body tolerates it. This recommended dose can be far stronger than your body can safely tolerate if you are new to any of these cannabinoids. You can increase your dose if necessary after 45 minutes!


Delta 8, Delta 9, Delta 10, Pectin, Plant Derived Terpenes, Sunflower Oil, Corn Syrup, Natural Fruit Colors and Flavors.



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