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With Subscribe & Save, you’ll get your favorite products shipped routinely along with free gifts, samples, and goodies.

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By joining our VIP Club, you’ll get your favorite products shipped automatically along with free gifts, samples, and goodies! By having your favorite products scheduled for delivery automatically, you'll not only simplify your life, you'll save 25% off every purchase without the hassle of manually ordering every time you run out.
Set it up, let it go, and never worry about it again!


Get the ELEVATE VIP treatment when you sign-up to our VIP Club.

Never miss a sale. Never miss a deal.


As a member, you will get our best deals year-round. Save 25% off each order. Membership is free!


Receive free gifts and samples from our team, plus other specialty gifts throughout the year.


Select how often you want your products: every 2 weeks or 1 month. Adjust, Pause or Cancel anytime.


Hear about our new drops before anyone else and be the first to take advantage of unreleased products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply find your favorite product within our website, select “subscribe & save”, then add to your cart. Once you finish checkout, you’re done! You will then be auto-shipped the product(s) until you decide to cancel/pause. 

Of course! You can choose between 14 day or 30 day recurring deliveries on any subscription. You can even “skip” a month if you need to!

Need to increase your dose or want to try something new? We’ve got you covered! You may swap, change, add or delete any product in your account portal at any time.

Your card will be charged exactly 14 or 30 days from the date you first signed up (depends on what frequency you chose).

Reach out to us at anytime and we will be happy to assist! Our e-mail is [email protected] 


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"CBD that works wonders"
Relaxing and calming effect but doesn’t make me tired or lazy. I like to take these in the morning before work, and I get a much calmer, easy-going day. I strongly recommend Elevate's CBD Gummies and Tinctures!
"Beautiful sleep"
The delta 8 gummies have a naturally delicious taste and work wonders for my mood. I finally found a company that makes me feel safe. I cant wait to finish these so i can try different flavors!
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